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We can assist you with a broad range of Structuring – Business, Finance, Sale & Purchase Law issues, including:

  • Equity Finance vs Debt Finance
  • Buying vs Leasing
  • Mortgages & Guarantees
  • Secured vs Unsecured Creditor
  • Registering Fixed & Floating Charge
  • Loan Applications & Refinancing
  • Consumer Credit Law
  • Formation
  • Trust Deeds
  • Trustee Duties & Beneficiaries Rights
  • Discretionary Trust
  • Unit Trust (Single and Multi Class)
  • Hybrid
  • Review/advice in relation to franchise documentation (i.e. Statement of Independent Advice)
  • Negotiation of franchise agreements
  • Review Annual Disclosure Statements from Franchisor
  • Stamp Duty and GST advice

Franchisees Issues, such if franchise is for an exclusive or non-exclusive territory or limited to a particular site, if the franchisor or its associates may establish other franchises or operate a business in the franchise territory that are substantially the same as the franchise, if the franchisee may operate a business that is substantially the same as the franchise outside the franchise territory, if the franchisor may change the territory, details of establishment costs and other payments, etc.

  • Joint Venture v Partnership
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Management Agreements
  • Breaches of Agreements
  • Advice & Planning
  • Structures, e.g. Sole Traders, Companies, Partnerships, Trusts (Discretionary, Multi and Single Class Unit, Family, Hybrid)
  • GST – Enterprise, Entity, Taxable Supply, Input Taxed Supplies, Input Tax Credits, Cash or Accrual Accounting, Reporting Period, Cash flow, Tax Invoice, Business Activity Statement, Transfers of Going Concerns, Input Taxation, Exemption, Subdivision, Margin Scheme.
  • Compliance – State (Land Tax, Stamp Duty Payroll Tax).

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