Coffs Coast People

This past weekend, Dolphin Marine Magic, a Coffs Chamber member held an Annual General Meeting.  People at DMM were privileged and able to rescue, rehabilitate and release over 60 marine mammals in one year. That includes successful release of two dolphins and two fur seals and DMM now has one of the highest marine turtle rehabilitation success rates in Australia.  Another accomplishment of the dedicated people at DMM was an increase over the years in visitation by tourists from China to 18%.  That increase is important for many reasons, least of which it suggests a greater awareness of Coffs Harbour as a destination for international tourists. That is not unexpected, after all there are various local tourism industry lobbies, also and very importantly Coffs Harbour City Council itself working to market the Coffs Coast as a tourism destination, also to overseas visitors.

What makes the Coffs Coast different from so many other beautiful places in Australia? Is it the wonderful weather, the beautiful beaches, mountains that meet the sea and other non-man-made blessings?  Perhaps, but reality is this whole land, Australia is blessed with natural beauty.  So what then? Could it be that the Coffs Coast is so accessible, one of the few if not the only coastal destinations that welcomes you right into its heart by road, rail, air and even sea!  Could it be the attractions and facilities; or our beautiful airport that is within such quick reach, or our respected university, world-class medical facilities and practitioners, amazing shopping, a huge choice in eating out, from cheap and cheerful to high cuisine, the beautiful local resorts, the Big Banana?  The range is wide and varied; do a quick search on Google and to see there are 101 things to do on the Coffs Coast.

So what about looking broader; perhaps the answer is found in that way. Is it tourism, manufacturing, primary industries, farming, the healthcare industry, education, shopping, the way we do business that defines us or makes us different?  

Here at the Coffs Chamber we believe the people on the Coffs Coast make us different.  A cosmopolitan blend, some locally born and bred, some new or relatively new and others just passing through; Coffs Coast people are a special blend.  Unassuming, but astute, questioning and resilient, that’s what we are, and proudly so. At the Coffs Chamber we build on that wonderful gift; the gift of people, local people, proud people, who stand together to take this Coffs Coast to what we want the place where we live to be, a place where we and most importantly, our children thrive, live and stay.

The Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce gives you as a person in business the opportunity to take part with other Coffs Coast people in making the Coffs Coast even greater.  We welcome you.