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We can assist you with a broad range of Commercial Law and Contracts Law issues, including:

  1. Has a contract been formed?

Offer vs Advertisement/Display, Offer Acceptance & Counter-Offers, Consideration, Intention, Formalities (Oral/Written), Contractual Capacity

  1. Privity
  2. Terms
    • Express Terms – terms & mere representations or collateral contracts
    • Implied Terms – implied by fact, law or custom
    • Classification of Terms – conditions (precedent or subsequent), warranties or intermediate
    • Exclusion of Liability Clauses & Restraint of Trade Clauses
  3. Invalidating contracts – misrepresentation, mistake, unconscionability, duress, undue influence, uncertainty and Contracts Review Act
  4. Illegal and Void Contracts
  5. Discharge of Contract – by performance, agreement, frustration, breach or operation of law
  6. Remedies for Breach of Contract

Agreement types:
Access Licences
Advertising Sales and Marketing Agreements
Catering Agreements
Extraction Licences
Advertising term and Conditions
Professional Service Agreements
Supply Agreements
Partnership Agreements
Joint Venture Agreements
Shareholders Agreements
Company Constitutions
Franchise Agreements (Master Franchise)
Loan Agreements
Deeds of Guarantee & Indemnity
Deeds of Fixed & Floating Charge
Options to real property, shares
Asset Sale and Purchase Agreements
Retail & Commercial Leases & Licences
Service Agreements
Agency Agreements
Exclusive Distributorship Agreements
Marketing Agreements
Project Management Agreements
Deeds of release
Separation Agreements
Employment Agreements
Independent Contractor Agreements
Restraint Agreements
Deeds of Confidentiality
Sale of Business Agreements

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